As a Connector, we ask that you respond to connection requests and consider attending Community Concierge events as they are scheduled.

As someone who understands what the region has to offer, you are critical to this network’s success. Take a moment to read over some guidelines for how to make the most of your role as a Connector.


Be friendly. The goal of the Community Concierge is to provide a welcoming environment to new residents of eastern CT.

Be knowledgeable. To make the most of your role as a Connector, it’s helpful to be well-versed in eastern CT’s communities, businesses, politics, recent history, and geography. The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT can provide resources as needed.

Be approachable. We don’t ask you to be on-call 24/7 to answer Newcomers’ questions about life in eastern CT, but establishing open channels of communication with Newcomers will help ease their stress about moving to a new area.

Understand Newcomers’ interest. As you are paired with Newcomers, understand that their interests and levels of participation may be different from yours.


Be competitive. We’re here to help Newcomers of all backgrounds acclimate to life in eastern CT, not win prizes. If giving advice, go for quality over quantity.

Self-promote/recruit. Community Concierge is not your advertising platform, nor is it an appropriate venue to recruit potential clients.



This guide is a general overview of what is expected of Connectors. For additional guidance in your role contact, Courtney Assad, Program Coordinator at The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT at (860) 701-9113.